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What are Meat Soaker Pads?

Soaker pads are an inert polymer impregnated pad consisting of a non-absorbent plastic material on
both sides (PE) and a non-woven fabric fiber inner of about 0.95mm. The thickness can vary upon application, and we also market many forms of anti-microbial fibers which aide in shelf-life.

The non-absorbent plastic material on both sides (PE) is evenly distributed and means that there is an even absorption rate into the pad from the meat, fish or vegetable product. Liquids are directly absorbed into the pad through the non-woven fabric fiber. The fluids are then held inside the absorbent pad and not easily released even under applying pressure. In addition, the perforations in the non-absorbent plastic material layer means that fluids do not pool between the meat and the pad.

Why use Meat Soaker Pads ?

Reduction of fluids in meat packages improves the value of the product to the packer and the end-user. Further this absorption of available water actually extents the shelf-life by reducing the microbial population on the meat surface. Less mess, no fat stains, better appearance, easier handling and better retail yields.

How to use Meat Soaker Pads ?

Meat Soaker Pads should be stored in a clean dry place in unopened packages.

The packages are stored in an oxygen free, and moisture free environment. The pads are placed on the meat surface, plastic side next to the meat and away from the fat. The meat and pad are then placed in a tray which can be enclosed in cling wrap or MAP packaging. When opening MAP packaging make sure the meat soaker is not cut, and any polymer that comes into contact with the meat should be washed off with water. Lastly, Meat Soaker Pads are not reusable and should not be re-used. If they are soiled or damaged, pads must be discarded. We suggest recycling them!

The Obvious Question ... how do our meat soakers differ?

Wholesale Group International through its associated business 'Total Scientific Solutions' distribute premium quality meat soaker pads with;

1. Greater absorption properties (is documented and proven) than the standard 'meat soaker pad'.

2. Anti-bacterial properties (longer shelf-life)

3. Option of impregnation with MAP absorbing technology (longer shelf-life).

4. Laboratory testing for impurities and also microbiological levels (NATA certified lab).

5. Most importantly, competitively priced.

Product Specification Report, including Standard sizes and Absorbency of Meat and Fruit Soaker Pads

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