Wholesale Group International (WGI) specializes in the supply of food technology and packaging product solutions.

Through an associated business, (Total Scientific Solutions), WGI delivers nutritional, food technology and packaging consultancy to small, medium and multinational food manufacturers, and food distributors in Australia and also Japan.

We specialize in the implementation of oxygen absorbers and an assortment of other absorbers (eg. CO2 releasing/ absorbing) in food products to extend shelf-life; Superior quality to traditional oxygen-absorbing satchel, reducing preservative use in food products. Our customers have specific quality assurance requirements (eg., WQA, BRC, ISO22000: HACCP, SQF2000) We can also assist in the selection of scientific testing and laboratory equipment for your food company in-house testing lab.


You may read this as another sales pitch, but it is delivered by a scientist with a Ph.D. (Nutritional Research), R.Nutr., with industry and association membership.

Our staff have extensive experience in agriculture, nutritional sciences, food manufacturing auditing, food technology application, manufacturing, and packaging.

In addition, we have been awarded distributor rights in Australia and New Zealand for advanced technology devices such as NMR Pipetector (NMR Corp. Japan) - (Pipe Anti-Corrosion Device) - for other civil engineering enquiries email us.

We don't just sell goods on a website; we offer the complete package (i.e. product knowledge and technical servicing) and work in joint venture with other consultants and businesses to deliver complete solutions to your business growth. What is the cost of free advice? Often given freely, it may serve to undermine your business. Talk to professionals who can serve you best. We understand that the cost: quality ratio is very important, our business' long term vision is of profitability for our suppliers and customers. We will meet your expectations and then go the extra mile. Our product range is very affordable and when instituted with other services and products will improve your customer's perception of your growing profitable business.

We currently work closely with a large Australian packaging company gas technology companies, and NATA certified testing laboratories companies to meet exact customer requirements. Our technical and sales team can meet with you in person and provide samples, testing advice of premium quality. They are manufactured under our internal auditing procedures (i.e. International Standards, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, GMP and USFDA standard).



Melbourne, Australia Office and Tokyo, Japan Administration Office
Dr. Simon Cichello Ph.D. R. Nutr. (NSA)

China, Taiwan Procurement and East Asia Japan Sales Office
Mr. Jason Yang B. Com. Eng. (Standford Univ.)

North American Office
Mr. Christopher Piwarski

South and Central American Office
Mr. Nicolas Canal B. Comm.

(Ex-Director of Infrastructure, Colombia)



Wholesale Group International is always pleased to hear another pleased customer compliment us. For recommendation of our products and services, please read further;

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25 August 2010

"Thanks very much. Appreciate honesty & promptness. Kind regards, Michelle"

Kind regards Kelly"

15th of April 2010

"Hi Simon, Thank you so much for all your troubles doing the spread sheet for us. It looks fantastic. We have submitted a few more samples to the lab with the dual action oxygen absorber and should get the results back on Monday so Ill let you know how we go. It may be a case of our product needing to be dried further. Thanks again Simon and we will be in touch soon.

Kind regards Kelly"


"To Simon My sincere thanks for your assistance in purchasing oxygen absorbers. I would highly recommend your products and outstanding customer service". Regards J. Brown, Toowoomba Qld




    "I take great pleasure in recommending Simon as he is a 'rare talent'. Highly intelligent, articulate, laser focused and totally committed to any task he is assigned. He is an absolute professional in all aspects and a joy to work with and manage. His inquisitive nature allows him to get to the 'root cause' of any issue and his exceptional intelligence then allows for unique and most often outstanding resolutions. Simon worked for me under the toughest business circumstances and showed poise and persistence well in excess of his years."

    Mr. John Davis, HR Director, Unilever Australasia


    Thank-you letter from Ambassador McLean (Australian Ambassador to Japan) to Wholesale Group International
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